Are you looking for a healthy, characterful and rideable young horse with potential?

Internationally successful show jumpers, dressage horses and eventing horses come from our breeding lines.Strong performance blood in the mare lines and equine well thought-out mating with top sires produce offspring that can be ridden successfully by both professionals and amateurs alike!


Show jumpers & dressage horses

Offspring with dual predisposition

Our goal is the breeding of doubly gifted sport horses that are successful in jumping as well as in dressage and eventing. Our focus is on the health, character, motivation and rideability of the horses.

All foals and young horses of all ages are judged by an expert committee. In this way we supplement our own assessment of the fillies and colts and specifically promote individual talents and potential.

Devoting time & promote potential

Optimal rearing is the cornerstone of success

Our foals grow up in small groups, under professional observation and with the best medical care. We work personally on the initial education and thus form the basis for a trusting and successful relationship with humans.

Based on many years of experience and for reasons of horse health we only start training our horses rather late and monitor the break-in, which takes place for young horses at the age of 3,5 or 4 years, depending on their maturity.

The right horse for the right rider

We lay the foundation for a healthy and successful horse life. That is why it is our concern to know that our horses are in good hands. Where our horses are sold to is just as important to us as the value we achieve as sales proceeds.

Horses for Sale

Association & Partners

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